Who We Are

About DeltaWing

Today, DeltaWing Manufacturing consists of four main divisions: Composites, Machining, Fabrication, and Assembly.

DeltaWing Manufacturing’s predecessor company, Élan Technologies, was founded in 1997 and quickly became an industry leader with the best technical, manufacturing and design experts under one roof.

In 2002 the Élan expertise was merged with the Van Diemen International heritage to introduce the manufacturing of a line of high quality and competitive race cars with the associated global skills and capabilities which further expanded the company.

Today, DeltaWing Manufacturing consists of four main divisions: Composites, Machining, Fabrication, and Assembly. In addition, our in-house Engineering team plays an integral role in ensuring we provide the best solutions possible for our clients. Each division works in tandem and has more than two decades of experience delivering solutions to the motorsports, aerospace, SATCOM, and defense industries. Further to this, the team has developed and made ingenious and innovative products for the medical, wider automotive, sporting goods and industrial industries amongst others. Our core competencies and expertise are design, engineering, product development, custom fabrication and production manufacturing.

DeltaWing Manufacturing’s affiliated companies include Panoz, LLC, a luxury sports car manufacturer and Élan Motorsports, a manufacturer of race vehicles and associated race vehicle products and technology.

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