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‘Gold Series’ Equipment to Ensure Quality

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DeltaWing philosophy: Quality product, and safe, clean manufacturing facilities take on equal roles.


DeltaWing is a leading manufacturer of tooling and components for a variety of different industries, most notably Aerospace, OEM automotive and motorsport, and more recently defense and SATCom. But what makes DeltaWing Manufacturing stand out when it comes to quality product?

It’s not just our dedication to quality product, we also put an emphasis on maintaining facilities, equipment, and providing an environment which attracts the best staff. This is for several reasons:

  • Our facilities, equipment and staff capabilities are what makes our product. They are the basis of our reputation. To make good product you have to start there.
  • Delivering top quality product is paramount to our success and it’s what we pride ourselves on. We will do everything in our power to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Thirdly: “When you bring a potential customer into your facility, if your facility is clean, organized and orderly, that gives the prospective customer a greater sense of ‘hey, if this is how they look after their own facility and their own equipment, this is how they are going to look after my parts that they are manufacturing’. If you go into a shop that’s dirty and disorderly, well then you get the opposite effect. As mentioned it’s not all for show though, this really is our philosophy. We look after everything and everyone we have.” – Kevin Bialas, VP of Manufacturing.

Further to the installation of the Camfil APC Gold Series GS8 dust collector, exclusively purchased to handle the C.R. Onsrud 5-Axis router installed in January this year (2019), Camfil Air Pollution Control wrote a case study on exactly this.

DeltaWing Manufacturing has been enjoying successful growth over the past year. Composites may be the flagship division but DeltaWing’s Machining team and capabilities, as exposed in Modern Machine Shop recently, has also been undergoing significant development and growth. For more information on the portfolio of capabilties, click here.

DeltaWing Manufacturing Speaks To Modern Machine Shop

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Full story can be found on Modern Machine Shop’s September 2019 Magazine:

Composites Specialist Makes CNC Chops Count

Machining capability drives evolution from race car builder to aerospace and defense contractor.


DeltaWing Manufacturing knows composites. Most of the company’s 30 employees are dedicated to some critical step in manufacturing composite components, from making the molds to curing (hardening) the parts in a massive autoclave (a pressurized oven). However, composites expertise isn’t DeltaWing’s only asset. Kevin Bialas, vice president of manufacturing, says CNC machining has always been considered a core competency.

Without this and other value-added services, the company’s recent growth would not have been possible, he says. Likewise, future growth requires further investments in machining. The most recent is a milling machine that occupies a space nearly as large as the one dedicated to the autoclave. By bringing critical pattern-making operations in house and eliminating tedious hand-trimming work, DeltaWing’s advance into large-capacity, five-axis machining has been and will continue to be essential for expanding beyond the company’s auto-racing roots.

Click to find out more about our Composites and/or Machining capabilities.


Looking forward to showcasing our capabilities at the upcoming CAMX show where we will be at booth S60. To arrange a meeting or for more information, please contact us.

Click here to read the full story on Modern Machine Shop

Composite Rear Wing for GT Race Car

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Composite Rear Wing for GT Race Car


Our customer needed to optimize lift and drag coefficients for a better performing wing while maintaining weight and stiffness targets. The resulting shape featured complex geometry on both the external shape as well as the internal ribs and spars. DeltaWing Manufacturing was called upon to design and build the tooling and components as well as assemble the finished product.


A 2-piece design was chosen which incorporated the main stiffening spar into the upper wing skin. The design reduced parts count, lowered weight and simplified assembly. With the simplified design, the lower wing skin mold was able to double as the main cradle for the assembly fixture thereby saving on overall tooling costs.

Processes Used:

  • 3D CAD Modeling for Design
  • 5 Axis Machining of Patterns
  • Prepreg Layup of Components
  • Autoclave Curing of Components
  • Adhesive Bonding of Assembly
  • CNC Machining of Wing Mounts
  • CMM Quality Inspection


The finished assembly met all customer requirements for form, weight, and stiffness. The project was completed on budget and met the customers very tight timeline.

We are proud to design and produce high performance composite assemblies. Our customer was extremely pleased with the outcome and the overall performance.

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DeltaWing Manufacturing Earns AS9100 2016 Certification

DeltaWing Manufacturing Earns AS9100 2016 Certification

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DeltaWing Manufacturing Earns AS9100 2016 Certification

DeltaWing Manufacturing has fulfilled all requirements to be an AS9100 2016- and ISO 9001 2015-certified provider of manufacturing, machining, and fabrication services to the aviation, aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, and power-generation industries.

The certifications confirm that DeltaWing has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System supporting its composites, machining, and metal fabrication, ensuring that all customers’ finished products meet their requirements and quality expectations.

“I am very pleased and excited about DeltaWing Manufacturing achieving AS9100 certification. It was a team effort throughout our organization and represents a big step forward in being able to grow our business in a variety of industries. It gives our clients piece of mind knowing that we are committed to quality and delivering products that are on spec and on time.”

Kevin Bialas, V.P of Manufacturing.

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